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Texas Scramble

The Rules


Everyone tees off on each hole!

You take the best tee shot of the group and every other player picks his or her ball up advances to the location of the best shot.

Please Note: You must count everyone's tee shot three times during the round.

When you reach the location of the best tee shot, drop your balls within one yard of the ball. You then hit four shots from this location. Then you keep taking the best shot and drop the other three balls in the one yard area of the next shot.

When you reach the green take the putt you want to have and mark the ball. Each player will putt from this point. Please note if you miss the putt, mark your ball and let the others putt. If you putt out before the others have putt, your score will count.

For more information about organizing a tournament at Llyndinshire, please contact the Pro Shop at 519-659-5087 or email us at

The Texas Scramble is a popular format for golf tournaments. In this format, each player in a foursome tees off, and the foursome then decides on the best ball to hit. This is a great team building game as well as taking the pressure off inexperienced golfers. When making up the groups it is best if an experienced golfer is put into each group. A scramble quite often produces scores that are below par.

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