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What Golf has Taught Me:

My First Year in a Women's Golf League


Each year I would say to myself “this year I am going to golf”. Each year at the end of the season, I would look at my clubs in the garage and say “next year”. This had been going on 5 years. Reasons: No time, too busy, can’t commit to a scheduled event...too scared.

In the spring of this year, my wonderfully unrelenting neighbor and friend asked me once again “would you like to join my Women’s Golf League?” This year the difference was that I said “yes”. The only thing I had to do was set aside Monday nights (sounds easier than it is) and show up.

The day of my first game I was so nervous that I contemplated not going. WHY? I would embarrass myself. ..what would these seasoned lady golfers think of me (I really had no clue). At the height of my “contemplating”, I confided in my mentor Fred. This is what he said to me. Goal #1 ...Try to hit the ball straight and keep it moving forward. #2 Sometimes you need to feel uncomfortable to move forward (just like the golf ball ). So...I went knowing my neighbour friend and no one else.

I met my first group of 3. 2 retired educators and my friend. I was all set...I looked golf: my clubs were sparkling, I was wearing the right clothes, I had extra balls...lots of extra balls, tees, towel, water bottle and a score card.

It was when I walked up to meet my group that I knew I had made one of the best decision for myself this summer. I’ll name this woman as the matriarch of our group for the purpose of this post. She said to me “oh sweetie we don’t keep score although you may if you’d like...we just have fun”. Needless to say I was relieved!

So I golfed every Monday night. At first I didn’t stay for dinner...but then I did...every Monday.

So what did I learn:

If you want to accomplish anything you need to commit to it ...fully.

Sometimes you avoid doing new things because it makes you feel uncomfortable.

Make yourself uncomfortable it will help you grow and keeps you moving forward (just like the golf ball). Eventually you will improve and so will your life.

Meet new people...this alone is an enriching experience...from each person you meet you experience a whole new and rich education.

Be open to doing something for yourself...just yourself. For many years I focused on the demands of raising a family and building a Career and somewhere along the way I lost what it was that I liked or loved to do...I didn’t know...Now I know, I love golf...amongst other things.

I thank the lovely Ladies in our 2015 Women’s golf league for “taking me under their wings” and showing me a whole new world. These ladies love to golf and take it very seriously but most of all they enjoy the one night week to bond and share with women whom have one main thing in common, a passion for the game of golf.

By Angela Hamilton

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